“It’s my job to tell a story in an instant. To accurately document that moment in time, the way I see it. In all its glory.”

Paul K Robbins is a renowned Sydney-based commercial and sports photographer and owner of photography agency, Monde Photo.


A natural-born storyteller from behind the lens, Paul has carved a successful career as a professional photographer for more than 20 years, working primarily on-location for commercial, government and non-profit organisations. He recently published his first book, As the Crow Flies, a fly-on-the-wall photographic story of an elite athlete's schedule and family life in intimate detail. Plans to produce a second book are currently in the pipeline.


Having trained in the film days, Paul still follows many of the traditional principles of photography - searching for good light in every shoot and being creative behind the camera. Always a firm believer in getting the image right ‘in camera’, Paul never walks away until he is sure he has nailed the shot.


Paul's work is regularly printed in national magazines and newspapers and can be seen on billboards, promotional material and websites. Throughout his career, he has worked with major corporations shooting events, products and people.


Some of his current clients and recent projects include the Sydney Royal Easter Show for the Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales, ANSTO (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation), Sydney Olympic Park, Shimano, Historic Houses Trust, Better Homes and Gardens Magazine and Sydney Aquatic Centre.


A recent project with ANSTO to shoot images to celebrate 60 years of discovery was a career highlight, with Paul’s photographs displayed alongside Max Dupain’s in the public campaign.


Never shy of a challenge, in 2011-12 Paul spent 18 months capturing the gruelling training and competition schedule and family life of Australian world champion triathlete, Craig Alexander, for his first book, As the Crow Flies.


The immense task of planning and shooting the 200 images for the book took Paul across the world to Abu Dhabi, the US and throughout Australia to photograph in all sorts of conditions and locations. From covering races to shooting at beaches, airports, sheds and doctors' surgeries, Paul was hanging from the back of motorbikes, riding mountain bikes, lying in ditches and treading water in oceans and seas to achieve the stunning shots.


The book was released internationally in October 2012 and sold out of its first print run. It provides an intimate, emotional and beautiful look into the life of an elite athlete and has gained recognition throughout the publishing and photographic communities in Australia and overseas.


AIPP Grand Master of Photography, Peter Eastway said this of Paul's work: "In the photography world, Paul K. Robbins is one of our Ironmen. He has shown complementary skills, dedication and passion to record and document the life of an elite athlete in a way that transcends the mere record photograph or humble snapshot. Robbins' body of photography is a work of art. Simply brilliant."


While Paul gets great satisfaction from the experiences he gains from his jobs and the people he meets, he admits he is just as comfortable photographing his family and friends. With two young children, a camera is never far from arm’s reach ready to capture any special family moment in perfect light.


View a Press Release Regarding Paul's Photography for  'As The Crow Flies'.




“Our clients can rely on us to provide solutions. We offer a myriad of ideas and options, aiming to go above and beyond their expectations.”


Every great photo has someone managing the ‘behind-the-scenes’. Ludivine delivers the business edge to Monde Photo. Including planning, scheduling, editing/post-production, art direction and customer relations.


Working side by side with Paul since Monde Photo’s inception, the pair work seamlessly together. In life Ludivine is most passionate about two things, her business and her family. A true professional focused on providing a good experience and outstanding results for all clients.


Having previously enjoyed a successful modelling career in France, where she was born and raised. Ludivine offers insight from years of experience in front of the camera, working with a range of high calibre photographers and art directors.